Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We love dogs. However, our petting zoo denizens do not. So you’ll need someone available to hold your pup if you’d like to visit the petting zoo.

What about my kids?

This event is ideal for children of any age. Kids in strollers are free.

Can I walk this race?

Sure! We’ll save you a doughnut

When do I pick up my t shirts and bib?

Anytime after 9:30 am on race day. No need to make a second trip!

How will the courses be marked?

Biodegradable route arrows placed directly on concrete and marker flags along trail sections. Orange is the 5k and blue/purple is the 10k. You will hears that dozens more times prior to race day!

Will there be water?

In recyclable bottles and cups. Please drink up and please use our recycling and compost bins!

Can I get a discount?

For sure! We need help and races like this should be accessible to anyone, regardless of income level. Use the contact button. You can get a discount for sharing our event on Facebook, showing up early to help with registration, and bring a large group.